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Every website needs a contact form, it is arguably one of the most important pages on your website. No matter how good your product or service is, if it is hard for a customer to contact you then they will move on to an easier provider.

Depending on how your website is laid out you can set up a contact form on several pages. Either at the top of each page, as a separate page or a combination of the two. What you need to decide is how big the contact from will be and how that effects the flow of your website. A full name, address and 2 means of contact on top or bottom of every page will break the flow of any website and distract customers from your content.

If a lot of information is needed in your contact form then a separate page dedicated for information input is best. This means you can space your boxes and keep your website looking attractive and easy to use, ensuring your customer has the best experience possible.

When you know what you need in your contact form and how it needs to be laid out on the site, you will need to consider some feedback options.

  1. When the message has been sent, show a thank you message. This shows the customer that the message has been sent. A simple “we have received your message thank you” is enough to show your customers that their efforts were successful and they are appreciated.
  2. If it is applicable think about mentioning a time frame which you endeavor to contact them back.
  3. If the information is incorrect you will need a message to say why it was unsuccessful  and what needs to be done to correct it. Also highlight the box or boxes that need attention.

That can seem like a lot of work to set up and where do you start? If you using a web designer then don’t worry just make sure it is what you want before you sign off on it. If you are doing it by yourself then still don’t fear, there are plenty of form templates and customer management systems available on the internet. These however are not always small business friendly, to keep your costs lower I would advise a website self builder to use WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and as a plethora of plugins to make things like contact forms a breeze.

A contact form is crucial for your site. It is critical that it is done correctly however it doesn’t have to be hard.

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