The importance of web maintenance

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You Are Here:The importance of web maintenance

Your website not only advertises your business it can be an extension of your personality. So if you rely on your website to sell your services or your products it is imperative to keep in maintained.

So in this blog we will talk about some tips to keep your website functioning at its best.

1. Back up your website.

This may seem like a no brainer but websites do develop faults, hosting can fail and software can malfunction, all of which means your website can be lost by keeping back up to date back up copies you are always ready to reinstall your site if the worst should happen. It is important to back up the website whenever you make big changes a you could lose a lot of work you have invested time or money into.

2.Update the website.

Again this sounds like I am stating the obvious, but the amount of times I have somebody call me and ask why there website isn’t functioning like it used to. Quite often the answer is the website software and all the plugins need updating. This usually fixes a lot of issues which can save you money if you try this yourself rather than asking a web designer to do it for you.

3. Hare or Turtle

Checking the speed of the website is important to keep customers using your site. It is fact that the faster your website is the more time people will spend browsing which ultimately improve sales. Conversely the slower your website is the less user-friendly it becomes, not only does this increase your bounce rate but Googles formula for page rankings will also penalise you.

4. Check your info.

Remember to check your account info to make sure your latest passwords and contact information are still relevant. The last thing your business needs is an email reminding you to renew your domain name for it to only go to an inactive email.

That is a pretty bare bones list but it is the basics you need to do to keep your business or blog running smoothly. Find out how the above points relate to your website and make a maintenance schedule.

I will go into more detail in other posts for those of you that want to get real hands on with your website software.

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