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This post is about the importance of the voicemail. It can take a lot of researching for people to find you and if you have competition it is likely they have you on a list and are comparing your businesses. This is where the voicemail comes in. If you are called first and they reach a busy tone or just a generic leave a message, it is likely that potential customers will go to your competition and you have lost money. So what can we do to lock down that costumer, give them a good experience and line our pockets at the same time?

  1. Avoid “your call is important to us” or a variation of, as this reminds people of the anger inducing stress of calling the phone and electricity company.  What we want to do is say Hello (it’s the little things) Say who you are and apologise for not being able to take their call.
  2. Invite them to leave their name and number with a message. Take a leaf out of the hospitality industry which lives and dies by how well they treat their customers, a good reputation will pull new money in and hold a loyal repeat business.
  3. Give them a time frame in which you will call back. This is an important step in voicemails. if a customer has taken the time to research companies, giving them a time frame in which you will call back makes them feel valued and will likely make them not phone the other companies. We live in a fast-paced, time is money world, give a person a reason not to do something and you will likely wait back for your call.
  4. Keep the message short and to the point. Include information of other means to contact you but try to keep the message to around 20 seconds.

“Hi you have reached Ryan at Gnarlywebs. Sorry I have been unable to take your call if you would like to leave your name and number I will call you back in the next 4 hours. Alternatively visit gnarlywebs.co.uk and drop me an email”.

That message took less than 15 seconds to say, and is all you need to say. Remember to keep you voice clear and understandable and don’t be afraid to redo the message as many times as necessary, and if that degree of formality isn’t for you have a bit of fun and make something unique.

Don’t be afraid of letting a phone call go to voicemail, it doesn’t mean you lose a customer. It can make you look busy and therefore more valuable. So don’t worry about stepping out of a meeting or pulling the car over (definitely not whilst driving). Let your voicemail work for you and remember to call back, the best voicemail in the world will fail of you don’t call back.

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